Why You Should Consider Gastric Bypass Surgery Orange County New York

By Cynthia Carter

Gastric bypass surgery is only for severely obese people who have tried and failed to lose weight with regular diet and exercise or people who cannot lose weight due to health problems or injuries. During gastric bypass surgery orange county New York, the stomach is made into a very small pouch either by stapling or the use or a band. Having a small stomach will result in the patient feeling full after eating only a small amount of food. As is true with any invasive procedure, there is a risk of infection and an increased risk of gallstones if the gallbladder is not also removed in surgery.

Dumping Syndrome is a possible result of the procedure. The Gastric Dumping syndrome is a condition in which ingested food ends up passing the stomach too fast and ends up in the small intestines largely undigested. The syndrome can be experienced when still eating or soon after you finish eating. It causes weakness, dizziness, sweating, diarrhea, bloating, nausea, vomiting, and fatigue among others.

The other big dilemma is the cost. I recently found real prices for this procedure cost and gastric banding cost in the paid advertising section of Google. The banding cost ranged from a low of $2,500 and up and this procedure cost started at about $5,000 and went way beyond that limit at the high-end. The other big consideration is complications. These types of surgeries can have very unique problems you need to be aware of before you move ahead.

After recovering, a patient will not be able to eat more than a few ounces of food at one time. It is almost impossible to overeat, as doing so will produce severe discomfort and vomiting. It is recommended that patients eat a gastric bypass diet consisting mainly of plant-based, unprocessed foods which are low in fat and low in sugar.

Having this type of procedure may be the best option for certain individuals suffering with extreme obesity. After the procedure, the patient must follow the strict diet in order to be successful in their weight loss, which means eating extremely small portions in order to avoid digestive discomfort. Many patients find their lives improve considerably after this procedure.

Recent statistics indicate that weight loss surgery is highly successful for individuals who commit fully to their physician's recommendations before and after the procedure. Some advantages of this procedure include smaller scars, fast recovery, less pain and lower risk of hernias. The procedure can be completed within two hours. But in some situations, the procedure may cause respiratory problems, infections and bleeding.

People who have procedure develop a higher need for protein, and must eat high protein sources such as beans and other legumes. Fruits and vegetable are also important for their vitamin and mineral content, although diabetics need to regulate their carbohydrate intake.

Major procedure is undertaken only as a last resort, when diet and exercise fail. Many people diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes are able to produce a remission by lowering their weight to normal by lowering their blood sugar, eating less and getting more physical activity. Here's to remission.

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